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Hello , this is Vaani from , I know that you are very curious to know what you have to do to start earning from today , so I chat with Shophox on your behalf and we will get answers to all your questions . so are you ready ? I'm sure You are .

Let's Start

Vaani : Hello , Shophox
Shophox : Hello Vaani , welcome to
Vaani : I'm interested in doing business with shophox .
Shophox : that's great .
Vaani : So , i want to know what i have to do ?
Shophox : ok , So vaani what you have to do is " firstly you have to register your account with shophox , after that you will get personalised DISCOUNT COUPONS of your name like ( For eg. : like your name is vaani , so you will get DISCOUNT COUPON in the name of ' VAANI20 ' ).
Now you have to share these coupons with your Circle ( like you can share these coupons with your family , friends , relatives etc. ) or If you are an Youtuber or If you have an instagram or facebook page , you can share these coupons with your followers .
vaani : Oh wow , that's great , But how will i get benefit from this and how can i earn money .
Shophox : Yeah , that's the main thing, now when someone buys something from SHOPHOX using yours discount coupon , they will get a good discount and you will get a good commission [ For eg. : the discount value of VAANI10 coupon is 10% and your reward commission on that coupon is 20 % , now if someone buys a bedsheet from shophox worth 1000 , they will get 100 off on that bedsheet and you'll get 200 reward commission . ]
likewise If 10 people purchase from Shophox using your coupon per day , Then your revenue for that day becomes &nbsp 2000 which results in a monthly INCOME of &nbsp 60,000 .
vaani : oh , That's amazing , so How can i register with SHOPHOX for starting my business ?
shophox : Vaani . For that , please watch the video given below , In that you can understand everything
* How you can register for your business account ?
* How you can login into your business account ?
* and you'll also get an overall tour of your business account dashboard , in that you'll understand everything related to pAYMENTS , COUPONS etc.
Vaani : Thank you , Shophox .
shophox : Yours welcome , Vaani





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